The downturn from COVID-19 has been devastating for Canada’s economy.
Millions out of work and thousands of businesses at risk.
It’s more important than ever to keep as many Canadians working and earning as possible.
Provincial governments and cities are all facing the strain. They’re facing shortfalls and rising interest costs on debt.
Our local and provincial governments provide the backbone of services that are essential to rebuilding the economy – teachers, nurses, early childhood education, and construction workers. 
If governments feel they have no choice but to cut, it will make this downturn deeper, longer, and harder to escape.
We are calling on the Federal Government and Bank of Canada to create a Covid-19 Strong Recovery Fund for provinces, cities and Indigenous communities, especially with lower financing costs throughout this crisis. Lower interest rates will save billions.  


For the strongest possible recovery, we need all levels of government aligned and pulling together in one direction. 


That is why access to the Covid-19 Strong Recovery Fund must come with a condition: no cuts and no privatizations. 


Cuts will only add to unemployment. Selling assets that we all own as Canadians doesn’t grow the economy. 


If we are going to make it through this crisis, we need to protect and preserve as much as we can to make sure that we get through this crisis intact. All of us.


This plan will keep people working. It will provide a strong and stable foundation for a strong recovery for the private sector to build on. And it will save tens of billions of dollars in unnecessary interest charges.
If you agree - join us, and help us fight government austerity measures being considered that could hurt every one of us.

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Help Canada Make a Strong Recovery

We are calling on the Government of Canada and Bank of Canada to step up and help provinces and cities lower their interest costs by helping them borrow.


With a condition: NO austerity. NO cuts, NO public sector layoffs, NO fire sales of public assets.

It's the ONLY way to put Canada on a STRONG path to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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